Data Scientist & Researcher


Based in Barcelona, you will work full-time as a data scientist and researcher in the field of natural language processing and machine learning, exposed to a very dynamic and international environment, contributing to the development of innovative research data infrastructures and research portfolio analysis. 

You have a research background (ideally with a PhD and post-doc) and are perfectly proficient in English.

You are looking for a professional experience that:

  • provides you with a strong sense of purpose and meaning: you will be contributing to the democratisation of access to scholarly data and the improvement of the services offered to the scientific community
  • values teamwork and collective contribution over individual performance
  • enables you to grow, learn and develop within a challenging and supportive environment
  • allows you to explore new methods and solutions for analysing the results of scientific research, supporting reproducibility and measuring possible impacts 
  • uses research and scientific evidence as a tool to support policies 

SIRIS Academic is opening an indefinite-duration position for a data scientist and researcher in the field of text mining and machine learning to participate in R&D projects for increasing service offer and capabilities beyond the present landscape to address the current and anticipated needs of the research community at large. In particular, you will participate in analysing and mapping scientific impact, via the identification and exploration of research and innovation records (ranging from publications, grants and patents to news and social media). For the first 3 years, you will be specifically engaged in a research project funded by the European Commission (Horizon Europe) in the context of the European Open Science Cloud initiative. 


Whom we are looking for

Based in Barcelona, you will work full-time as a data scientist and researcher, with a focus in natural language processing techniques applied to scientific and technical documents. With a background in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or a closely related area, you are looking for the opportunity to bring your insights and methods to the world of analytics to support open science and open data infrastructure. Specific experience in the field of scientometrics and knowledge of research impact indicators is a plus.

You want to have a strong positive impact on society and you enjoy discussing strategic issues and advising on policy and strategy. You will be part of a multidisciplinary, international team of public policy experts, data scientists and data engineers, a world-wide network of international specialists.

From your academic or professional experience, you know the state of the art of research in NLP and text mining (e.g., you are acquainted with classical NLP methods and/or the latest developments in the field based on Transformer models). Skills in advanced quantitative methods/data science/programming (proficiency in Python) will be necessary. 

Perfect working knowledge of English is required. Working knowledge of other languages is a plus. You have good writing and communication skills.

You have strong organisational skills, and ability to work both autonomously and within a diverse and multidisciplinary team.

You are expected to start before March 2023 (negotiable based on availability). You live in/around Barcelona and/or are willing to move to Barcelona upon the signing of the contract. 

SIRIS Academic’s recruitment processes integrate a commitment towards gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

What you will do

You will support the project by:

  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating NLP, deep learning and ML tools and models applied to scientific and technical records, with a specific focus on research object identification and linking. 
  • Defining NLP tasks about information extraction, information retrieval, and text simplification.
  • Performing data preparation and analysis as well as management and refinement of a variety of data sources.
  • Work closely with a software engineering team to translate best-performing techniques into production

Context: who we are and what we do

What? We are a consulting firm. We work with decision makers in the public or non-profit sector, and provide them with insights, processes and tools, which challenge them to think and enable them to accomplish their mission better.

Our services can take many forms: a strategic or analytical report, a business intelligence tool, a participatory workshop, a coaching session, the moderation of a discussion, a political recommendation, etc.

But if the form varies, the core is always the same: what matters to us is to help leaders make better, more informed and more accountable decisions for the benefit of the citizens.

How? We approach problems as researchers: questioning systematically, proposing models, looking for evidence. We never defend a position which we have not tested as deeply as we can. We provide decision-makers with the tools and arguments to make decisions but we also understand that their job involves political compromises and that the ideal decision is not always either possible or optimal.

Who? Born from research, our team of 45 people is a colourful mix, with specialities ranging from archaeology to physics, and philosophy to biology. Our team is held together by a strong ethical vision, based on the respect of the contribution of everyone, the belief in collective wisdom, and a deep curiosity.

Where? Based in Barcelona, we work with leaders and senior management in over 25 countries, helping analyse potential, build capacity and shape strategy for institutions such as philanthropic foundations, the European Commission, agencies and governments and over 200 Universities and Research Centres across the continent. 

With whom? Our clients are leaders and managers in universities, regional governments, ministries, research organisations, not-for-profit foundations, etc.

In which sectors? Currently, most of our activity focuses on the sectors of higher education and research, science & innovation policy.

And… why? Deep down, we want to make the world a better place by improving public policies. We are strong believers in the power of science-based evidence, participative approaches and accountability processes to improve the way public policies are designed and decisions taken, day after day.


Full time position (40 hours/week). The position is indefinite. Our hiring model includes a trial period of 3 months

We offer a possibility of partial remote work.


  • Salary range depending on experience and in line with industry standards (more info)
  • All work and travel related expenses are covered by SIRIS Academic
  • Workstation in a shared office + laptop
  • A beautiful and lively office in downtown Barcelona, based on 2 floors, with 360º views and nice perks
  • Free fruits, coffee, biscuits, chocolate and many more treats
  • Informal dress code
  • Fully-equipped installations including cooking facilities, sofas, recreation rooms
  • Complimentary Health insurance
  • Relocation/moving budget as a contribution to cover part of the related expenses
  • Working hours flexibility and support to work-life balance
  • Specific bonus tickets to cover either public transportation, childcare, catering or gym membership
  • Extra-holiday on employee’s birthday
  • Ethical and sustainable working environment
  • Opportunity to work in a dynamic, dedicated, multicultural, multi-lingual and passionate team of professionals
  • According to internal policy, SIRIS Academic may distribute a fraction of the yearly profits among all employees in the form of a salary bonus

How to apply

  1. November 18. Deadline for applications. Applications should include 1) a CV; 2) a cover letter. Both must be addressed to with “Data scientist & researcher” in the email subject line.
  2. November 28 to December 9: Online interviews for preselected candidates
  3. December 12 to 23: Written test for candidates having successfully passed the interviews (estimated time to complete the test: 3 hours)

Beginning of January: final interviews and final selection