As a scientist with training in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering (ETH Zürich and Paris Descartes University) and a PhD in the field of Nanomedicine (IQAC-CSIC and University of Lorraine), I have been engaged for many years to increase the impact of science and scientists in their social, political and economic environment. I therefore acted on grassroots level by founding in Barcelona an association which organised debates, workshops, social events and campaigns as well as mobilised the city for the March for Science 2017. Moreover, I enjoyed popularising science over a variety of platforms and pedagogic ways, such as ventriloquism, clowning, participatory chemistry shows etc.

Aware of the ability of science to reach beyond borders combined with my interests in international affairs and connecting dots, I got attracted by the field of Science Diplomacy. Before and after my PhD I have been working in this field from various perspectives: at an international organisation (UNESCO), an embassy (Swiss Embassy in Israel), a government agency (swissnex Boston) and an environmental peacebuilding NGO (EcoPeace Middle East). I thereby focused especially on science for peace in the Middle East.

At SIRIS and for our clients I aim at contributing with fresh thoughts, insights, assistance and solutions to complex problems or advancement of strategic goals in higher education, research and innovation; all of this with the help of data, our collective team expertise and facilitation of ideation.


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