I am a Biologist (University of Lisbon) with a PhD in Biomedicine (University of Barcelona). I was mostly intrigued by microbiology and plant biology, but ended up following a 14-year research path in metabolic disorders and cancer metabolism. Unravelling the complexity and apparently chaotic behavior of metabolism was challenging and engaging in equal parts.

I joined SIRIS in 2018 and have been mainly involved in studies concerning biomedical research and its performing/supporting organizations (from research centers, to universities, philanthropic and public funders). This is a field that attracts rather high expectations (and budgets), therefore, our main goal is to inform and facilitate transformations that steer the pertinent actors towards a better usage of the available resources, while accomplishing its actual mission (advance society knowledge and wellbeing).

Main interests: analytic study of research outputs and outcomes, institutional models in health research and education.


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E-mail: sonia.veiga@sirisacademic.com

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