I am a former Principal Investigator with 15+ yrs experience in Academia in the Life Sciences, with a PhD in Developmental Biology from UCL; Research positions in Cell Biology at NYU Medical Center  and a Marie Curie Fellow and Ramon y Cajal Fellow in Spain, where I have developed my own lines of research in cell biology, with a focus on principles and mechanisms of cell migration, using the fruit fly as a model system. Before joining Siris I have worked in business development and partnerships in a healthtech company that develops software for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases through the use of AI powered tools. I am also a Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) board member, since 2018, and I have been given the opportunity, in March 2020, to co-lead the organisation for a second mandate and add our contribution to a better and more sustainable academic system. 

I have a long standing interest in science policy and innovation issues. Specifically in how these can intersect and actors work together, practically and pragmatically, for the achievement of major challenges and goals in, with, and for, a global and fairer society.

At SIRIS I develop new projects and ideas, as well as consult and support ongoing projects, in the health and biomedical sectors. Having worked with different players and stakeholders across distinct fields, I find that it allows me to identify challenges and opportunities and possible ways to address them, in a way that takes into consideration the whole system. 

Main interests: Analysis and Improvement of processes; Science, Policy and Innovation; Systems Thinking; Social Change.

E-mail: sara.ricardo@sirisacademic.com

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