After gaining more than five years work experience as Project Manager in European Transnational Projects, I arrived at SIRIS with my full interest and energy. I am creative, I have a great understanding and passion for new technologies and communication, art and history, but more over for innovative solutions.

I also worked in the contemporary art field, where I had the chance to collaborate with many interesting artists, analysing and writing about their artwork.


  • SEE TCP SAGITTARIUS (April 2011-May 2014): SAGITTARIUS was a Transnational Territorial Cooperation Project, funded by the SOUTH EAST EUROPE Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 at 85% and by EU Member States at 15%. The SEE TCP introduced a novel concept to utilise different types of cultural values of natural and cultural heritage resources as a lever for development, paving the way for entrepreneurial innovation. Integration of academic and research institutions, public-private sector, local communities and individuals in preserving and promoting the natural and cultural heritage.
  • GRASP MED (May 2013-June 2015): Project GRASP “GReen procurement And Smart city suPport in the energy sector” of the MED Programme 2007-2013 was funded by national funding agencies, participating entities, and the European Commission through European Development Regional Fund. The objective of GRASP was to increase the potential of MED Smart cities in organizing and developing Smart and Green e-­Procurement processes with a focus on renewable energy sources and energy efficient solutions.


  • Casa digestiva para un piso patera de Lavapiés, by Josep-Maria Martín, in Casa in “CATALITZADORS. Art, educació, territori”, Ramon Parramon (edited by), Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, 2010.
  • São-Paulo Citytellers, by Francesco Jodice in  “La memoria del ‘Otro’ en la era de lo global”, Anna Maria Guasch (edited by), Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, 2010.



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