I got a PhD in Computer Science from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC-BarcelonaTech) in 2011. I hold a degree on Computer Engineering from the same university since 2006. After my PhD, I was a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research (Redmond) during the second half of 2011. Then, I came back to Barcelona to continue my research at the UPC-BarcelonaTech University. In 2014, I started working in an ERC Advanced Grant project (EPNet) until I joined SIRIS in 2016 with a Torres Quevedo grant.

My main topics of interest (and research) are Databases, Information Systems, Conceptual Modeling, Ontologies, and Information Integration (including both Data Exchange and Data Integration).


Some publications:

E-mail: guillem.rull@sirisacademic.com  

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