Cholpon Aitakhunova
A specialist in Politics and Security of Central Asia. Her main interests are related to research and development projects in Central Asian region.

foto Jyldyz

Jyldyz Alymbaeva
A senior development specialist. In September 2015 she joined SIRIS as a National Coordinator for Kyrgyzstan and responsible for coordination of ongoing activities and developing of partner network in the country, as well as for developing and implementing projects in capacity building, knowledge management and organizational development.


Florian Amon
Researcher & Consultant
His main interests are on the education sector and on international development cooperation. He has been working in both fields and likes to link experience from practice on a micro level with supporting change processes as a consultant.


Axel Borasino
Research Assistant
Coming from a pure scientific background such as Physics, he worked as a SIRIS Lab researcher. His SIRIS internship was focused on unstructured data mining, specifically in topic modelling algorithms applied to science datasets. His areas of interest are science knowledge dissemination, pattern discovery & machine learning algorithms.

Gloria Casanova

I hold a MA degree in Sociology and Social Research. I am currently a consultant working in the area of Open Data applied to HE&R with a strong focus on Innovation and Public Policy. Main goal is to help and support over time Public Institutions such as Regional Authorities, Local Governments, and Universities in elaborating innovative and successful strategies which are strongly supported by evidence, data-analysis, benchmarking, and a participatory approach.

Alejandra Chávez

I am an economist specialized in International Cooperation & Development and in Migration Studies with professional experience in managing national and international higher education projects within the third sector in Latin-America. I joined SIRIS to be involve in research and consulting activities aimed to support French academic institutions and privates organizations on their strategic decisions related to higher education and research.

Naël Desaldeleer
Research Assistant
He is currently finishing a PhD in political philosophy and ethics, dedicated to the study of contemporary republicanism and to the relevance of its concept of political liberty. This research also lead him to explore some educational issues, which are directly involved by the republican argument. Within SIRIS, he applied his knowledge of higher education and research from quality review to strategic plans, so as to develop the international positioning of leading institutions


Alba Echarte Ventura
Research Assistant & Consultant
I work as a research assistant and junior consultant. I support qualitative research for consultancy projects in the field of higher education and research and data analysis activities. I also help prepare grants and tenders for both R+D and consulting projects.

Montserrat Estañol
During her time in SIRIS she worked as a Researcher at SIRIS Lab. She has a background in Computer Science and Software Engineering and her main research interests are modeling and knowledge representation, and how to reason on these models to detect errors

Johannes Keil

Johannes Keil
Consultant Assistant
After completing the master’s degree in Professional Public Decision Making, his main working topics were related to analyses of stakeholder-networks and complex decision finding/making situations.


Alessandro Mosca
Researcher at SIRIS Lab
At some point in life mathematical logic turned him into a computer scientist. He was a SIRIS Lab researcher working in the area of knowledge representation & reasoning, modal and description logics, conceptual modeling and data management.


Víctor Pascual
Data Scientist
He is a computer scientist expert in Data Visualization. His main interests are related to the study, application and dissemination of visualization and interaction techniques to assist the generation of insight from large and complex datasets.

Fernando Roda
Researcher at SIRIS Lab
I am a Phd, researcher specialized on Knowledge engineering and Semantic Web technologies. I have experience on designing ontology-based solutions in several interdisciplinary projects. As a SIRIS’ innovation associate, I collaborate with consultants and computer scientists on modelling qualitative knowledge concerning HE&R strategies.

Joulia Smortchkova
Research Consultant
At SIRIS she was a research consultant working in higher education and research, helping universities elaborate new research and education policies in an international and interdisciplinary context. She studied philosophy and cognitive science, because she wanted to understand how (and why) people think, feel, and act as they do. She holds a PhD in philosophy of cognitive science on social cognition, the study of how we perceive and come to know about other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Maria Yubero Gómez
Data Analyst
She is a qualitative data analyst working in the Data Analytics department. She is interested in data analysis applied to Higher Education and Research, bibliometrics, university rankings and valorisation strategies for Social Sciences and Humanities.



Eva Grolíková
She was completing her Master Thesis at the Palacky University Olomouc (Czech Republic) on International Cooperation. Her SIRIS internship focused on the sustainability analysis for knowledge platforms used in third countries, in the context of the ongoing SIRIS project K-Link.


Valentine Labouheure
Research Assistant
She was a student of the Erasmus + programme Euroculture, doing an internship at SIRIS as a Research Assistant. She was involved in different projects, mainly French ones. Her main tasks consisted of benchmarking academic practices, data analysis and representation.


José Luis Mateos
He was a social scientist currently studying a master in Social Research Methods at Durham University in collaboration with SIRIS. HIs main interests are how welfare policies intertwine with international student mobility, music and cricket.

Nicola Melluso
Research Assistant at SIRIS Lab
Student in Management Engineering at University of Pisa and Master in Technology and Engineering Management at UPC . He was doing his master thesis in the research and application of text mining techniques in order to provide a bottom-up understanding of the innovation and specialisation processes.


Anna Terraza Rovira
Research Assistant
With a background in sociology, she work as a research assistant in several SIRIS projects on Higher Education & Research and manage SIRIS Lab blog. She is also interested in gender studies and in exploring links between university and public space.

Josep Bosch
Junior Consultant
I am an economist with a background in Applied Economics and Quantitative Methods. I joined SIRIS to perform strategy-oriented data analysis and evidence-based policy evaluations. Being a junior consultant in SIRIS enables me to improve both my consulting abilities and strategic mindset.